Antonio Velkov


Born in 1985 in Pirdop, Bulgaria. First instrument – drums. In his young ages he attended some piano lessons. He also sung in a couple of school choir formations. At that time his father Borislav Velkov was drummer and vocalist in a band called “Galaxis”. Along with “Galaxis” the drummer spark in Antonio grew larger and he occasionally started playing some songs with the band on live shows on his father’s place. In his spare teenage time Antonio spent hours of playing drums in the home garage. After the reactivation of “Galaxis” years later he was officially behind the drum kit and his father stayed as official vocalist. Later he went to Technical university in Sofia where in 2005 he became drummer of the prog. band “Mystica”. In 2008 they released the album “Dreams in real forms”. The album was highly rated in the underground progressive scene. Later in 2009 he quit “Mystica” because of musical differences. In the next few years he continues to play drums with a local cover oriented band “Transformator” with Danail Karjilov (“Abstraction” guitarist) and Ivaylo Rashev (“Abstraction” bass). Later they formed “Chronology” along with Pavel Serafimov (“Abstraction” keys, guitars) and Mladen Medarov (“Abstraction” vocals). In 2012 once again the band changed their name to “Abstraction”. Currently besides the drums in “Abstraction” Antonio plays as keyboardist and solo vocalist in the band “Destination Rock”.

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