Ivaylo Rashev


Born in 1986 in Pirdop, Bulgaria. Grows up in a small village called “Tsurkvishte” near the town “Zlatitsa”, where the bands he plays in mainly operate. He starts playing bass guitar in 2003 along with “Galaxis”, first attending their rehearsals and later playing in different formations of the band. In 2004 he plays for the first time on stage as guest bassist in the band “Arsen” and also “Galaxis” in a shared show. Later he starts playing in “Transformator”, which transformed into “Chronology” and currently in “Abstraction”. In the interval 2010-2012 he plays also in “SAT Blues Band” in Sofia which is a band of employees in the “SAT” company. He plays bass and also sings as main vocal. Currently Ivaylo is working abroad, but continues to play bass in “Abstraction”.

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