Mladen Medarov


Born in Zlatitsa in 1974. Lives and works in the town to date. First instrument was clarinet, clearly not his dream, and under the influence of his brother he started listening to the “forbidden” music called rock. In his school ages along with Danail Karjilov (“Abstraction” guitars) a band was formed – “Arsen” where Mladen was a bass player. After he got back from the mandatory military service he, Danail Karjilov and Pavel Serafimov (“Abstraction” keys, guitars) created another formation named “Galaxis” where he was again bass player but also made his first steps with singing. After the “Galaxis” break for a while he was a guest vocal in “Transformator”. Then after some silence on the local metal scene he was called on a meeting with the future “Abstraction” members and was proposed to get involved as solo vocalist in a new band. At first he had the intention to refuse, but after some drinks he made a sober decision to participate even not on the bass guitar, but with the very important position of a front man! And so the band’s name was “Chronology” and then chronologically turned into “Abstraction”.

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