Pavel Serafimov


Born in 1963 in Zlatitsa, Bulgaria. First contact with rock music as bassist in a school band called “Helios”. Playing solo guitar and keyboards in the period ’84-86 in the band “Daga”. He was one of the founders of the band “Stimul” where first songs were written. In the beginning of the political changes in1990 the band breaks as two of the members migrate out of the country. In 1997 he and some present members of “Abstraction” create another band called “Galaxis”. It is in that band where first personal author songs have been written (“White Wolf”, ”Nightmare” and “Chess-Mate”). In 2000 the band records first two demo tracks in studio “Factor” in Sofia, Bulgaria. An year later the band breaks up. Later in 2004 the band was reactivated for a short period of time, but this time with some young members joining (also members of “Abstraction”). In 2009 he together with members of the recently broken up band “Transformator” create the band “Chronology” which later changed name to “Abstraction”.

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